February 20, 2013

Twitter is everyone’s favorite social networking site. Ok well make that everyone’s second favorite site. The first one is dominated by Facebook and even though there is always a popularity dip when it comes to its reviews, it has managed to stay on top.

twitter and blogging

Twitter seems to be playing a different game plan though when we look at what it has been up to for the last few years. Initially it seemed to try and establish itself as not just another power/fame hungry site. Perhaps that is why Twitter first came out and openly said that it would support Do Not Track, much before Facebook and Google had anything to say about it. Of course that had its day of fame but eventually things went back to the way they were.

And it seems Twitter realized the magic (read marketability) of blogging and web publishing. So another interesting thing that happened in March of last year was Twitter’s acquisition of a blogging platform known as Posterous Spaces. Earlier this platform was the main source of competition for tumblr and had some loyal followers. Reasons were that Posterous had a good thing going with users who were keen on fluid connectivity; the combination of email services as well as other web applications for posting user content was a neat idea. Then along came the ‘Spaces’ part after the company went through some transformations and now users could privately share content such as photos with their loved ones.

In December of 2012, Twitter went ahead and launched something called Medium. Now this brainchild of two Twitter founders was supposed to be a self publishing platform which was to make sure that people writing blogs would only have to write—and not have to market what they wrote. Of course it had a very Twitter like feeling to it and the question still remains if it can carve out a niche for itself. It promises to devote itself to good writing, like writing by the people for the people, which was the actual blogging dream right? But again, can it make a place for itself when so much edgier stuff is available thanks to other platforms who have modeled out web publishing giants (think Seth Godin and you’ll get the point)?

Now while this is being pushed, come back to the scenario of Posterous Spaces. One would assume that it’s running well and dandy but unfortunately it hasn’t been. It has already stopped taking registrations for new users for about a week already. If one tries to sign up via homepage an error page opens up and the sign in still doesn’t go through. Now the obvious implication is that either the service is closing down or is making some sort of a radical change. Keeping in mind the previous events involving Medium, it seems the former is the more likely of explanations.

It seems that the focus has shifted from Posterous for awhile now as many complaints have begun to go ignored and there is already a history of service outage due to lost database, DDOS attack, and the much complained about image uploading problems. You might as well throw in some malware and keylogger virus issues too at the rate things have been stacking up. The Twitter feed has been flagging this for some time now.

What’s to become of the self publishing and blogging dream Twitter had its eye on? Well only time can tell.

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