February 24, 2013

With an increasing number of WordPress  plugins, it’s really difficult  to choose and make decision specifically about which plugins to use and  try! This is a short introduction of top 10 important WordPress plugins that many WordPress Blogs need to have. The great thing is they all are free. Listed below important WordPress plugins are used for improving WordPress security, performance, Social Marketing and SEO.

Top 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins of 2013 are :

1.  “All in One SEO Pack” – The Comprehensive Plug-in

all-in-one-seo-packThis wordpress plug-in is the most amazing plug-in you can find. It includes awe-inspiring features such as Google Analytics Support, SEO integration for wordpress e-commerce sites, automated generation of Meta tags and programmed optimization of title for different search engines.

2.  Search Engine Optimization with “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”


If you are looking for search engine optimization then wordpress SEO by Yoast is the perfect plug-in for you. The features include post titles, Meta descriptions, robots Meta configuration, XML sitemaps and RSS enhancements.


3.      Notify the Search Engines Using “Google XML Sitemaps”


It creates sitemaps at all major search engines. Sitemaps make it easier for search engines to crawl your website. Search engines start crawling your website the moment you submit the sitemap to them. Search engines get notification every time you create a new post.


4.      The Valuable “Platinum SEO Plug-in”


All features of “All in One SEO Pack” are provided by Platinum SEO Plug-in. You have option to add index, no-index, follow or no-follow to any Meta tags to any post or page. It avoids duplicate content. Another feature is redirection of changes in permalink.



5.      Want to be Detectable via “SEO Friendly Images”?

Image-SEO-pluginMany search engines have image search option. So you can organize images you post so that enough people are able to find and see you on search engines. You are able to make your images more SEO friendly. Images can be very helpful for generating traffic to your website.

6.      Connect through “SEO Smart Links”

seo-smart-linkUsing SEO Smart Links plug-in you can create your own keywords and a list of matching URLs. You can also change this in “Administration Settings Panel”. This plug-in automatically links keywords in posts and comments in a blog with corresponding pages, categories and tags on that blog.


7.      Swap Linkages with “Wordpress Backlinks”

your-own-backlink-search-engine-245x300The task of making backlinks is simplified by this plug-in. After you have installed this plug-in, on the sidebar of your blog a small form is put by this plug-in. This allows webmasters and different other bloggers to submit a link for link exchange. Webmasters site is crawled by this plug-in for an equal link and if an equal link is found it means you have made a successful link exchange.

8.      Redirection “Follows and Resolves”


This is an effective plug-in to manage 301 redirections, keep track of 404 errors and rectify them also. A full log of redirected URLs is maintained. It automatically adds a redirection when a post’s URL changes.



9.      Be Social with “AntiSocial”


You can add this plug-in on your blog after which readers can submit your posts on different social networking websites. It is said to be the hacked version of Socialable.




10.   Who Are You? “Google Site Verification”


It is a user friendly plug-in. It helps you in getting your site verified on Google’s webmaster tools without having to verify your website on Google’s Webmasters Central. All you have to do is “install the plug-in”, “login to your Google account”, select “verify” and then select “grant access” and your website is verified.


Author Bio:

Gloria Philips is a web enthusiast who loves all things related to technology. She is guest blogging for a web hosting company and happy to share his passion by writing web hosting reviews.


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  1. Vikash Khetan

    Nice Article Gloria. However, there is one plugin which I think should have been included here, SEO Ultimate. It has everthing that All in One SEO has, infact it also supports Robot Tags, Open Graphs and Indexing.

    Just a suggestion 🙂

  2. noi that

    Really nice collection, I’m using Yoast for myself, it’s definitely no.1 of all.

  3. Lorenzo

    WordPress SEO can build xml sitemap files so if you use this plugin then you would not need to install Google XML sitemaps.

    Also recommend Redirection as well. Very helpful for fixing broken links that may appear on a site.

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