February 20, 2013

Looking to make your holidays priceless and electrifying with the smartphone or tablet? If yes, then you are at the right platform as the following article is going to assist you immensely towards ensuring that you literally jumping into the sea of entertainment like never before. Hence, you are going to experience hours of entertainment between streaming TV shows and movies. There is no dearth of games which are going to do wonders for you as the article will give a sneak peak about their utility. Thereby, you can choose the one which suits your preference and liking.

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The Best Games for Your New Tablet or Smartphone are :



Angry Birds Star Wars (Android, iOS, Windows 8)


Such a highly sophisticated and puzzled game is synonymous with combining two hot properties into one package. You just need to use the touch screen towards flinging powered-up birds while pigs are in the process of stealing their eggs. It is done by the popular Star Wars backdrops in the form Tatooine and the Death Star.

Infinity Blade II (iOS):


Such a heightened and electrifying game is based on the knight dueling in a series of one-on-one encounters. You cannot help but to say awesome to the graphics while you are in the process speedily searching for new swords, shields along with armor and magic abilities. Hence, game lovers get an endless and everlasting addiction which continues to grow with each and every single stage. In short, if you are looking for a more core gaming experience, then no other game can do justice than this one for sure.

Flight! (iOS):


Although, the whole exercise of flying a paper airplane by sweeping the touch screen might seem to be basic at the start, but it gains momentum when you are able to add collectible stars by indulging in adding collectible stars, plane design along with other boosters. Hence, it stands out to be a complete enjoyable experience which is hard to be described in mere words.

Plants vs. Zombies (Android, iOS):


Such a great mind-blowing defense game work wonders by giving full protection to the home by the enemies. As people in defense grow special plans which are synonymous with unique powers as it greatly work towards countering the attack of enemy forces. The plants which have unique powers are namely Cherry Bomb and Potato Mine.

Temple Run 2 (Android, iOS):


Players are able to get in touch with a mysterious golden idol and what follows next is to escape a secret temple. The best way of running away is done by the players as they swipe right or left in order to avoid the obstacles. If needed, they even have to jump up or slide down. Although, the whole formula stands out to be quite simple, yet when it comes to actually playing the game, then the players have to be at their best towards overcoming all the challenges as and when they strike.

Finally, aforesaid are the best games for tablets which are going to give you endless reasons to enjoy to the full throttle. In this way, you will experience some of the fun-filled and adventurous times, like never before. Great, isn’t it?

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